📘BLUEPRINT: Your Irresistible Offer

What is the Irresistible Offer?

The irresistible offer is:

  • a short and powerful offer
  • that can be expressed in 16 words or less
  • that answers all of a customers main questions

The right offer dramatically help a business by:

  • not only communicating what it does
  • but also the key difference in the way that it does it to the customer.

This offer goes a long way to helping to create pole recall position in the customer’s mind.

A classic example of a great offer which has helped to build a business is Domino’s pizzas:

Fresh hot pizza delivered in thirty minutes or it’s free.

Peter has over 25 years experience in business and media. As well as running multi-million pound IT projects and events featuring people such as Sir Richard Branson and Steve Wozniak, he has written a number of books, plays, TV shows and musicals. He is the founder and CEO of DeliverAid Publishing, which publishes fiction and non-fiction books to raise money to help disadvantaged children in impoverished areas by providing educational materials and low cost computers such as the Raspberry Pi.

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