📘BLUEPRINT: Your Irresistible Offer

Finally, remember this …

  • This is an exercise that will take a few minutes to do, and the result can be quickly rolled out to everyone in the organisation.
  • IF we don’t get this right, then we will be missing out on a lot of business just because we can’t succinctly explain to customer why they should choose us
  • WHEN we do get this right, we will make the most of every opportunity, and give everyone who works with us the power to attract more customers to our business.
Peter has over 25 years experience in business and media. As well as running multi-million pound IT projects and events featuring people such as Sir Richard Branson and Steve Wozniak, he has written a number of books, plays, TV shows and musicals. He is the founder and CEO of DeliverAid Publishing, which publishes fiction and non-fiction books to raise money to help disadvantaged children in impoverished areas by providing educational materials and low cost computers such as the Raspberry Pi.

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